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hi all,

My thoughts are rich with inspirations from the growth spurts of my clients and students: the aha! of sensing the connection between back pain and tense stomach, the transformations of tears on muscles, the emerging physical peace produced by a  more balanced brain. Also, the inspiration of a book, "Looking for Spinoza, Joy, sorrow and the feeling brain"  by Antonio Damasio, has made me want to teach what I know about what he calls the 'well-being' instinct. His research shows the importance of being in touch with all our feelings (this includes emotions, articulated feelings and inner body sensing). These are ideas I hope to convey in my body basics series. If  you are interested in taking steps forward in your well-being you might enjoy them. The 'Liberate your Shoulders' went well. We will do it again. Look for a notice here. A workshop on reducing anxiety , "Calm and Sleep: Reducing Anxiety" is in the planning stages and will be presented in April. Please look here for the date. Also put your info on the contact page so I can know what topics you are interested in.  I believe that we can be more comfortable in our bodies and happier in our hearts! Kristi

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