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Hi Have you ever had one of those annoying/enlightening experiences that makes you wonder how the universe operates?

I did.

I had received a notice from my bank that they had shut off my online banking because of some suspicious "phishing" activity. (anxiety goes up) I was to go to my branch and replace my card. I went one morning  and was served (???) by a very rude teller. She did not beleive my story and told me to go home and call the help line again. I dutifully did as told and once again they told me to replace my card. Yesterday I walked to the bank feeling confident and responsible. The rain had stopped giving me a feeling of freedom. I stood in the line waiting my turn and realized I was going to get the same teller. Not being very brave or rude I went along with it though my heart sank as I walked up to her. (what bad luck to get the same one!!!) She barked at me "what can I do for you?" I told her that I had to get a new card. She told me to insert my bank card and press the appropriate keys. I realized I didn't have my glasses with me. I made several mistakes and she was getting more and more irate. Twice I asked if I could get a different teller but somehow she wanted to keep me. (and I am compliant) Then I realized that she was just getting me a new PIN not a new card and I said I needed a new card. She would not believe me!!! I argued back though I just wanted to walk out. She finally called the help number and they told her what I had. She calmed down but didn't really apoligize for her treatment of me. Part of the process of getting a new card was to show a piece of ID. I pulled out my drivers license. She turned it over to look at the back and saw that it had expired. She disdainfully barked, "This has expired! it says April and now it is already May!" 

I felt embarassed on many levels, and paniced that I had been driving without a valid license. 

As I walked away from the bank new card in hand I felt strangely protected, as if someone had been looking out for me, and I certainly had been challenged to protect myself. Also the apararent villain of the story had done me a big favor by notifying me that my license had expired.

By the end of the day back online with my banking, legal in my driving and having surmounted all the technical challenges along the way as well as advocated for myself I felt calm and competent again.


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Hi The spring urge is upon me and though I am madly busy with everything I have planned another workshop with my good friend Kristy. We did it with the people's vote (the ones who were at the last workshop). It will be a journey in learning how to affect your whole body through two important reflecting areas, the jaws and the feet. Tune up from top to bottom. Here are the particulars:



Date: Saturday, May 14th 2011 


Time:  3-5 pm



The Centering Space
             59 Cambridge Ave

                     Broadview Subway Station 

                 (1 Street West of Broadview just North of Danforth)  call 416-778-8937 to reserve your place


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Hi Any of you out there do mind maps? I learned about them in a great book called "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci"  and have been making them for several years. You can google them to find out more. Mind mapping is a way to access your intuition, to ground it in images and to convert it into "to do" lists. I often feel the need to do one when I am overwhelmed and conflicted by different sets of internal needs ---do I need to practice my guitar now, what about that phone call for work, have to work on my marketing plan, need to write my blogs etc etc.  Sometimes I am almost paralyzed by this overwhelm.


I realized in talking with a friend in similar straits that the map operates like a calm parent reassuring her children, "everyone will get their turn, one at a time now" .  Decreasing the inner conflicts decreases the anxiety and suddenly action is once again possible. The map is also a promise to self and a discipline of taking the intuitive impulse to fruition.


Here's how I did my latest.  At christmas it was clear that my last maps were out of date. I had accomplished most of what they were about. (Yay!) I was feeling overwhelmed by a whole new set of projects. I had had a series of significant dreams. Somehow I just couldn't get around to doing it. So I began collecting images. I like to collage my central images because I don't draw well and the computer mind map forms don't grab me. I cut cool pictures from the newspaper and magazines. I didn't try to analyze what they would represent just liked them and stuck them in a folder. This went on for 2 months. Finally, using a dream therapy session as a deadline I pulled out my folder and picked out the images I liked. No words yet, just color and form. (this is the connect with my intuition part). Then I proccessed the dreams. Their messages guided the next step of placing the images. Once I got that done, feelings of satisfaction and calmness washed over me. I just sat and looked at it for a long time. I kept saying to myself, "Yes this is it" . Finally the words came: the names of projects, people to do them with, where to get help, what I needed to nurture my energy. I was glad then that I had let my map gestate through the process of collecting images and dreaming my dreams. Now my 'to do" lists can be more efficient and guided by the energy of balanced intuition.


If anyone wants to try one, here's a few tips. Rough drafts are good. Strong central images that connect emotionally are important. And sometimes breaking it down into more than one map. For example one per project. Also if you don't like drawing collage is fun!!!


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Hi all, It seems the popular vote has chosen shoulders for our next workshop. It makes sense; winter has made us hunched and stiff. We want to get our lungs clear and ready for the spring air. We need our hearts to be lifted.


The details:


Date Sunday Mar 6th 2-4


Location  59 cambridge ave (broadview and danforth area)


Price $25 includes booklet


Please reserve by calling 416-778-8937

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hi all,

My thoughts are rich with inspirations from the growth spurts of my clients and students: the aha! of sensing the connection between back pain and tense stomach, the transformations of tears on muscles, the emerging physical peace produced by a  more balanced brain. Also, the inspiration of a book, "Looking for Spinoza, Joy, sorrow and the feeling brain"  by Antonio Damasio, has made me want to teach what I know about what he calls the 'well-being' instinct. His research shows the importance of being in touch with all our feelings (this includes emotions, articulated feelings and inner body sensing). These are ideas I hope to convey in my body basics series. If  you are interested in taking steps forward in your well-being you might enjoy them. The 'Liberate your Shoulders' went well. We will do it again. Look for a notice here. A workshop on reducing anxiety , "Calm and Sleep: Reducing Anxiety" is in the planning stages and will be presented in April. Please look here for the date. Also put your info on the contact page so I can know what topics you are interested in.  I believe that we can be more comfortable in our bodies and happier in our hearts! Kristi




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