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Hi Have you ever had one of those annoying/enlightening experiences that makes you wonder how the universe operates?

I did.

I had received a notice from my bank that they had shut off my online banking because of some suspicious "phishing" activity. (anxiety goes up) I was to go to my branch and replace my card. I went one morning  and was served (???) by a very rude teller. She did not beleive my story and told me to go home and call the help line again. I dutifully did as told and once again they told me to replace my card. Yesterday I walked to the bank feeling confident and responsible. The rain had stopped giving me a feeling of freedom. I stood in the line waiting my turn and realized I was going to get the same teller. Not being very brave or rude I went along with it though my heart sank as I walked up to her. (what bad luck to get the same one!!!) She barked at me "what can I do for you?" I told her that I had to get a new card. She told me to insert my bank card and press the appropriate keys. I realized I didn't have my glasses with me. I made several mistakes and she was getting more and more irate. Twice I asked if I could get a different teller but somehow she wanted to keep me. (and I am compliant) Then I realized that she was just getting me a new PIN not a new card and I said I needed a new card. She would not believe me!!! I argued back though I just wanted to walk out. She finally called the help number and they told her what I had. She calmed down but didn't really apoligize for her treatment of me. Part of the process of getting a new card was to show a piece of ID. I pulled out my drivers license. She turned it over to look at the back and saw that it had expired. She disdainfully barked, "This has expired! it says April and now it is already May!" 

I felt embarassed on many levels, and paniced that I had been driving without a valid license. 

As I walked away from the bank new card in hand I felt strangely protected, as if someone had been looking out for me, and I certainly had been challenged to protect myself. Also the apararent villain of the story had done me a big favor by notifying me that my license had expired.

By the end of the day back online with my banking, legal in my driving and having surmounted all the technical challenges along the way as well as advocated for myself I felt calm and competent again.


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Karen Wehrstein said...
Kristi, I'm not sure you'd remember me without seeing my face, but I was a client of yours in the early 80s, as was my sister Helena. It is very cool to listen to your music, something I didn't really get a chance to do earlier! I can't tell you how much I love the Internet. Anyway, I'm writing to share my expired license story. It was 2010--shortly before the G8/G20 when cops were being particularly assiduous--and my car got pulled over. Luckily it was not me driving but my ex, Shirley. We were baffled--she wasn't speeding *that* much--until the cop told us "The reason I've pulled you over is that there is no valid license attached to the plate on this car." Leaving me even *more* baffled. "I have it right here!" I said and thrust it at her. Checking it over, she noticed that it was more than a year expired...! I'd replaced my sticker *twice* without the folks at MoT in Huntsville (where I now live) saying the photo needed renewing. But here's the kicker... I even got one *speeding ticket* during that time. Those cops didn't catch that it was expired... lol! It was no problem in the end... I just had to go to MoT and get it done within 48 hours or something like that. So... it might have been less of a deal than you were thinking. Lots of love from here in the frozen, or more recently, flooded, north. Very short version of how my life is going these days: great. I kept getting stronger and stronger over the years, accelerating hugely in the last few. If you want to email me it's hearth at xplornet dot com.
May 15, 2013 08:52:15
Joan said...
Again -- I don't know what you want from your web site, but I sent it out into the cybersphere through the Ordinary Courage web course because I wanted to share you music -- with your permission, if you recall. I don't want this web site to be a dead end, because I think you have so much to offer and I would hate to think that you are letting that lapse. Joan
July 2, 2012 07:26:20
Joan said...
Gotta give you a shove. Do not ignore your blog. It is the lifeline between you and those who may stumble upon your website. If you are not there, neither are they. Just FYI Joan
June 4, 2012 05:31:33
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