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Hi Any of you out there do mind maps? I learned about them in a great book called "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci"  and have been making them for several years. You can google them to find out more. Mind mapping is a way to access your intuition, to ground it in images and to convert it into "to do" lists. I often feel the need to do one when I am overwhelmed and conflicted by different sets of internal needs ---do I need to practice my guitar now, what about that phone call for work, have to work on my marketing plan, need to write my blogs etc etc.  Sometimes I am almost paralyzed by this overwhelm.


I realized in talking with a friend in similar straits that the map operates like a calm parent reassuring her children, "everyone will get their turn, one at a time now" .  Decreasing the inner conflicts decreases the anxiety and suddenly action is once again possible. The map is also a promise to self and a discipline of taking the intuitive impulse to fruition.


Here's how I did my latest.  At christmas it was clear that my last maps were out of date. I had accomplished most of what they were about. (Yay!) I was feeling overwhelmed by a whole new set of projects. I had had a series of significant dreams. Somehow I just couldn't get around to doing it. So I began collecting images. I like to collage my central images because I don't draw well and the computer mind map forms don't grab me. I cut cool pictures from the newspaper and magazines. I didn't try to analyze what they would represent just liked them and stuck them in a folder. This went on for 2 months. Finally, using a dream therapy session as a deadline I pulled out my folder and picked out the images I liked. No words yet, just color and form. (this is the connect with my intuition part). Then I proccessed the dreams. Their messages guided the next step of placing the images. Once I got that done, feelings of satisfaction and calmness washed over me. I just sat and looked at it for a long time. I kept saying to myself, "Yes this is it" . Finally the words came: the names of projects, people to do them with, where to get help, what I needed to nurture my energy. I was glad then that I had let my map gestate through the process of collecting images and dreaming my dreams. Now my 'to do" lists can be more efficient and guided by the energy of balanced intuition.


If anyone wants to try one, here's a few tips. Rough drafts are good. Strong central images that connect emotionally are important. And sometimes breaking it down into more than one map. For example one per project. Also if you don't like drawing collage is fun!!!


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