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Hi all,  Just in time for Christmas I had my cd in hand. Thanks to all my colaborators, it is beautiful on the eyes and in the the ears. I am very grateful for this and taken by surprise at the wonderful reactions of friends and family. Its hard to describe what its like to complete a project this long in the making (3 1/2 years) but it is like fresh water when you are thirsty, food when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired. In other words, so right and so satisfying.

Following this of course, there has to be a second act which is called marketing and getting it out there for people to hear and heal by. This will unfold in January.  Eventually you will be able to download it from itunes and cd baby  or pay for it on my site with paypal. Right now you can listen to samples on my music page and call me with your address or leave yours on my website and we can do it by cheque. I am selling it for $20 which includes shipping.

Following this there will be some kind of cd release, but that is down the road a bit as I have to hone my performing skills and re-coup money. But isn't it good there is always one more thing to do, one more surprise just around the corner.

What has your satisfaction been this year?

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