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Hi all,

In my car today coming back from a color-filled autumn walk by the lake, I heard an interview of Camilla Gibb on Sheila Rogers "The Next Chapter". The interviewer asked, "what quality  do you most admire in a man?" She said, "Vulnerability. In this culture men are not allowed to be vulnerable so I admire that capability in a man." I thought, yes I agree. The next question was, "what quality do you most admire in a woman?" She said, "Courage. The courage to speak and take their truth out into the world." 

My heart leaped and I thought, Yes I need to do this!  I want this courage. I want the courage to write and speak and teach. (not to mention sing) I want the courage to say, Let's look at the beauty of humanity! And to have vulnerable men and courageous women listen to me.

Let's look at and greive the obstacles that get in the way but never forget the beauty. The beauty of laughing, of dreams, of children, of music and books. The beauty of our ability to find the right thing when we need it, our ability to change our wonderful plastic brain. Here's to people like her who have the courage to write whole books!! Her newest is titled "The Beauty of Humanity Movement" and I have been inspired by just the title. I will post a review here when I have read it.


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