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Hi All,

I had a wonderful visit with my uncle this summer. He is getting on in years but full of life and stories. He told me one about my great aunt Hermy who had not raised her daughter but instead given her to her two sisters to raise. He described her character with the following story. "One time I went to a talk given by Anne Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh's daughter. A man in the audience asked, 'Was your father a hero?'  She said, 'A hero is someone who is equal to his life. My father was equal to his.'" My uncle paused, then said, "The problem Aunt Hermy had was she was not equal to her life" He has a way of making points with well placed quotes and left me wondering, am I equal to my life? And what does that really mean?

I tell myself I want to teach more people (groups) what I know about how to listen to their bodies, how to pay attention, and how to tune into their energy so that they can become equal to their lives. (I am sure it takes energy) How am I not acting equal to this aspect of my life? Not doing what I say I want to do, complaining about how hard it is, and imaginging that I don't have support. These are old habits. I think its time to make my avoidance list: not practising my guitar, not letting people know about my website, not solidifying my next workshop, not going to sleep at a good hour....maybe if I breathe deep, feel the strength in my body, just start, do it with someone.....I am determined to be equal to my life and to continue to look at what that means so I can actually fulfill my destiny.

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