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Hi, Music connects me to the deep feminine in myself. What I mean by the deep feminine is the receptive energy that lives in all of us, men and women. An energy which is nurtured by the Yin flow in our bodies: heart, kidney, liver, lungs and spleen. It helps us to know, love and comfort ourselves.

During a very stressful week this month, I was given an assignment by my guitar teacher to write a melody. I played it for a week in preparation and it kept sounding vaguely familiar. Where was it from? Was it someone else's melody? I fell in love with it because it soothed and relaxed me. It helped me "tune in". Finally I thought, "Maybe its one of mine." I looked in my  back catalogue to see what was there from several years ago and found it! The title is "In the Heart of the Moon"  and I had written it to express my feeling of the deep feminine. It had been two years since I recorded it and it was not in my concious memory but in a time of need it had 'come back'. Just like our deep feminine will always come back if we ask for it. What connects you to your deep feminine?

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