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Hi everyone,  I heard a clip from an Andy Barrie speech to University students (he is the ex-host of Metro Morning on CBC) on the radio on my way to my guitar lesson. He said that he had been writing the speech on a computer that guessed at words he was writing before he had completed them. He was writing the quote from Joseph Campbell (Jungian author) "Follow your bliss" when the computer wrote "blisters" in stead of bliss. He stopped and thought about this, realizing that indeed following one's bliss did mean blisters in the sense of being so passionate about your path that you would endure the blisters of effort. I laughed because at that moment I could feel the blisters on my fingers from practicing and realized that playing the guitar was one of my main forms of bliss and that I am unhappy when I am not actively following this bliss of my life. It is amazing how the signs that you are on the path of your bliss show up. How does this happen to you?

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