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Hi everyone out there in blogland,

It is spring and time for new things.This is my first blog on my not-quite-up website and I am excited to be communicating in this way. However, I still feel some tentativness about getting "frosted" and cling to my underground cocoon. As much as I like the stimulation of the 'new thing'  whether its a new relationship, a new creative endeavor or a new client, I also have a creeping fear of making mistakes. I made one yesterday when first tried this. I didn't hit the publish button and lost the post. Oh well! I chuckled at myself and tried again today. When I think that only 2 years ago I had computer anxiety I realized how much I have expanded and learned by taking on new things. New things generate more new things.

I'm thinking back to when I was 20 and left my family, my country, and my job to come to Toronto for adventure. I'm still here and still adventuring. I hope you are still exploring those 'new things'  in your life too. 

One thing I want to do on my blog is publicly thank people who have encouraged these adventures. Today the people who are in my mind are my friend Debra Alexander (songwriter and computer geek) who helped me get over my computer fears and Sandy Peic (designer/artist) who designed my cd cover,  my logo and blog page. Thank you both very much.  I'm writing this blog because of you.



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Debra Alexander said...
Kristi, I'm so glad that more people are going to benefit from your healing gifts. Keep blogging! The world is richer for it.
April 6, 2010 08:44:59
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